Kennedy Ng’an’ga’s world of art

There’s always an inspiring and often uplifting story behind a painting but also that of the artist too. Mombasa-based artist Kennedy Ng’an’ga is one such artist.

Kennedy Ng’an’ga taught himself how to paint following a diving accident which left him a quadriplegic. Although he has no grip with his fingers, he learned to paint by wedging a paintbrush between them.


His paintings are vivid and vibrant pictures of life in his village and locale in Mombasa, Kenya. Kennedy’s attention to detail is second to none, and his artwork is stunning.

Painting has provided Kennedy a source of therapy and sustenance for living.


Kennedy lost his mother in 2011, and in her memory created a fund called, “The Momma Kennedy and Friends Fund”. Through the fund, people have donated cows, sewing machines, chicken, over 200 goats, clothes, and mobility aids to disabled persons from poor and marginalised areas in his coastal town of Mombasa, Kenya.

Kennedy Ng'an'ga

Kennedy’s artwork can be purchased at ArtLifting, a benefit corporation that provides homeless and disabled artists the opportunity to earn their own income.

Pictures: © Kennedy Ng’an’ga

Kennedy Ng’an’ga’s artwork is available to buy online from ArtLifting

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