Tarot del Fuego: Ricardo Cavolo’s tarot on heat

Tarot artwork comes in many guises – from the traditional, renaissance, fantasy to the erotic – but few draw on pop art, which is why Ricardo Cavolo’s ‘Tarot del Fuego’ is a unique offering.


‘Tarot del Fuego’ is characterised by distinctive, vibrant colours, naive characters, multiple eyes and as the deck’s name implies, fire. A modern deck with a distinctive style, Tarot del Fuego also plays on gender roles. For instance, The World card features a naked woman’s body but the face is of a bearded gent.


The Spanish illustrator, who currently resides in the UK, has a distinctive style that conjures up vibrant colors, red-cheeked characters and three-eyed tattooed outlaws.


Many of the tarot card images are deep, layered, and beautiful even if they feature hacked limbs or hearts aflame. This deck may not be for the tarot traditionalist, faint hearted nor may it resonate with a large number of tarot readers, but the deck can be admired for its stunning artwork alone.


Ricardo Cavolo’s unique illustrative art has featured on murals, posters, record covers, books, clothing, tattoos, and decor. And now the talented artist can add tarot decks to his repertoire.

Tarot del Fuego is available in English, Spanish and Portugese. For more visit, Ricardo Cavolo’s website

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