Bogobrush: Lovin’ da planet and ya pearlys

The humble toothbrush is not something that gets a whole lot of lovin’. However, Bogobrush have created a brush that gives some lovin’ back to the planet.

Treat your pearlys the way you would the planet with love and care, thanks to the Bogobrush.



Bogobrush comes in two types – one that is made from recycled plastic and another that is biodegradable, the handle being made from plant-based bioplastic which can be thrown into a compost pile after it wears out.

The toothbrushes, which are made in North Dakota, USA, are ergonomically designed with a cylindrical shape that fits perfectly into the hand.



Bogobrush is the brainchild of brother and sister team, John and Heather MacDougall, who decided to use their talents to create products with environmental and social value. With their father a dentist, fate would have it, they would start with a toothbrush.

Bogobrush can be purchased online 

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