Loog Guitars: Catapulting kids to rock star status

Help your kids channel their strumming and dexterity skills with the Acoustic Loog guitar.

The Acoustic Loog guitar is cute and small, which can easily be mistaken for a toy. But it’s far from it. It’s a real guitar, made from sustainable wood sourced from responsibly managed forests in the USA.


All Loog guitars come unassembled so the joy starts way before your child’s first strum even, as building the guitar is just as fun an experience.


The tree nylon strings of the Acoustic Loog guitar make it easy for anyone to strum, quickly learning where to place fingers to create sounds catapulting your little one to rock star status in no time.

loog guitar

Loog Guitars, which was launched via Kickstarter in March 2011, with a passion for music and sustainable design.

The Acoustic Loog Guitar can be purchased online from Loog

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