Empirical jammin in pop-up jazz lounge at Old Street station

UK jazz band, Empirical, have taken to the pop-up phenomenon to introduce their sounds to new audiences in London, by turning a retail unit in Old Street Underground Station into a live jazz lounge.

Such a great idea, the MOBO award-winning band are showcasing their trailblazing sounds to an assorted mix of people including commuters, dwellers, workers and night outers by pitching up in the central London underground station.

The live gigs, which take place during lunchtime and evening commutes until 27 February, are all free of charge.

The residency aims to capture the spirit of an era from the 1960s when bands often played several sets a day over many weeks. Empirical said it gives the band intense practice whilst allowing the audience to witness their creative process as they develop new material.

Empirical are aiming to take the pop-up Jazz lounge concept across major cities in the UK, otherwise not normally associated with jazz.

There will be late night sessions taking place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so be sure to head down and catch this phenomenal band in action.

Empirical at the Pop-up Jazz Lounge runs until 27 February

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