Liberation Nuts: Nuts about serving the greater good

Feel good about your health while supporting the planet and its inhabitants as you munch on a handful of Liberation Nuts.

The UK’s only Fair Trade, farmer-owned nut company, Liberation Nuts have teamed up with nut producers from around the world – including the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, India, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Malawi – ensuring they earn a decent, secure income and can plan for the future of their families and communities.

Liberation Nuts offer an eclectic mix to suit different nut foodies. For the more adventurous who like a spice kick, there’s the Oven Baked Chilli & Lime Cashews and Peanuts, with a crunchy treat in the form of roasted corn. And for the nut traditionalist, there’s the Oven Baked Salted Cashews and Peanuts which are fortunately not overly salty.

This empowering way of doing business means co-operatives of small-scale growers and farmers own a 44% share of Liberation Nuts.

Liberation Nuts are available from Waitrose and Traidcraft

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