Wild Medicine: Raising the vibes with crystal soaps


Wild Medicine is combining some of mama nature’s prized possessions – crystals and essential oils – to create beautiful blocks of soap that exude healing energies and enliven the senses.

Wild Medicine have crafted bars of soap, each measuring 2″ x 2″ x 2″, that encapsulate cleansing crystals/stones with a combination of essential oils and exfoliates.


For those who love crystals and beauty products, these blocks of soap are perfect gifts, but the receiver will be forgiven if they choose to use these soaps for anything but washing and cleansing with. You can still absorb the healing energies if you choose to display them as crystal works of art. Just as you would a lone crystal or gemstone, the uses for these soaps are plenty, including as a daily meditative practice.


Wild Medicine’s collection of handmade crystal soaps are all stunning, but the ones that speak out to you is all dependent on personal tastes and those crystals that resonate with you.

The titanium quartz/tea tree soap is simply stunning in its simplicity. Titanium quartz crystals are displayed in a translucent block of soap containing tea tree oil. Titanium quartz, which blasts shards of colour, is known for bringing insight, compassion, energy, excitement and joy.


And anyone in need of courage, check out the bloodstone, orange and cinnamon soap. This handmade soap features a bloodstone stone encased in a blood orange-coloured block with orange oil and cinnamon.


Wild Medicine’s collection is small, but these handmade crystal soaps are divine healing and beauty products.

Wild Medicine soaps are available online

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