Nine to Five: Footwear to see you through day & night

Ladies, are you looking for shoes that are stylish’n’sexy yet can be worn to work and take you into a glam night out, without having to faff around with a change of shoes?

Check out Nine to Five, the Germany-based footwear brand that has set out to make all day leather essentials.

The Nine to Five collection of contemporary classic styles – including Chelsea Boot, Low Cut Boot, Ankle Boot, T-Pump and Western Bootie – come in a number of colourways from brights to neutrals, transcending seasons as well as time of day, it appears.


Nine to Five defies fashion’s customary fast pace by ensuring long-term availability of key styles. Sandra Schittkowski, Nine to Five’s founder, said: “Our guiding principle is quality instead of quantity. Nine to Five cares more for style, comfort and quality than for trends – ensuring that you’ll have fun with your favourite pieces for a long time.”


The Therese ankle boot in a marine blue with its block heel and exotic fish skin detailing is a firm favourite. As are the T-bar heeled T-Pump Gisela in an eye catching coral. While the basic black Chelsea Boot Eberswalde is a timeless classic that will go with anything and everything.

All Nine to Five products are handcrafted in small European factories using calfskin leather, as well as other luxury materials including the sustainable salmon skin. Each step from tanning to dyeing is carefully monitored to ensure that only eco-friendly materials are used.


Nine to Five’s footwear collection comes at a hefty price tag, but if you are looking for a classic pair of shoes for multi-wear, as it were, and you are of the persuasion that the best thing you can do for the environment is to “make something last”, then a pair of Nine to Fivers may be worth the price tag.

Nine to Five shoes are available online


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