Gemstone Divination for daily guidance

Gemstone divination is a method of divination that uses tumble stones to provide guidance on daily life, in much the same way tarot and runes does.

Although less common than tarot or runes, gemstone divination is as equally enlightening in gaining clarity on life situations and decisions.

Sacred stones

Gemstones are powerful, sacred and healing. They are the products of Mother Earth herself. Gemstones vibrate at a high frequency and impart much wisdom and knowledge to those who work with them.

I’ve always had a strong affinity with gemstones and aside from wearing them as pieces of jewellery, I have a huge collection of tumble stones. When I first came across gemstones in tumble form, I was initially attracted to the beautiful colours – lapis lazuli, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, turquoise, amber, chrysoprase, fire agate, opal, amethyst and topaz, to name but a few. Over time I began to acquire knowledge of the properties of gemstones – both healing and magical.

“Mama Earth’s little beauties”

“Mama Earth’s little beauties”, as I like to call them, can offer much guidance and provide insights. Just as you would choose a gemstone to carry around with you or as a piece of jewellery for healing, the energies of gemstones can be used to guide you in daily life.

The practice of gemstone divination typically involves 13 stones. There are many gemstones on this Earth, each vibrating at their own frequency and with different properties. Given this, the types of stones used in gemstone divination will be dependent on the reader.

They will choose a set of stones that resonate with their inner being. Just as there are many tarot decks, a tarot reader will purchase a deck based on what resonates with them. What feels right, and the same rule applies for a reader who uses gemstone divination as a tool. They will choose a set of stones based on what belongs to their inner being so they can connect to the stones and their energies, and provide clients with an insightful reading. It is a universal rule that applies to any psychic or intuit that uses divination tools.

How Gemstone Divination works

For example, a reader may choose to work with rose quartz in gemstone divination. This will be used for its associations with love and relationships, peace and harmony. Tiger’s eye for its association with finances, luck and wealth. Carnelian representing personal power and growth. And black obsidian for its association with transformation. Just as one tarot card alone will have different insights based on the querant’s question – love and relationships, career, finances, or health and wellbeing – so too will gemstones.

All 13 gemstones are placed in a bag. For questions that require a “yes” or “no” answer, the reader will focus their attention on the question while holding and gently shaking the bag. Once the reader is ready, they will draw a handful of stones. An even number of stones will represent a “yes” answer, and an odd number of stones picked will represent a “no” answer.

“3-stone reading”

Like a 3-card reading in tarot, a gemstone divination reader will do the same, a 3-stone reading, if it were – drawing stones from the bag, one at a time, while focusing on the question. The first stone drawn from the bag representing the past position. The second gemstone picked, the present position. And the third stone being in the future position.

Gemstone divination is another form of gaining insight and guidance on daily life. If gemstones have a particular resonance with you, a reading provided by gemstone divination may be an illuminating experience for you.

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