Deepmello: Cultivating fashion from rhubarb leather

Brands are becoming more innovative with leather in their efforts to find gentler tanning processes that are better for the environment.

German label, Deepmello, have created a leather, with the feel of cashmere, using rhubarb root.


Produced in Germany, using the renewable resource of rhubarb and not using any chromium salts, Deepmello have produced a leather that is “unlike conventional types of leather, is easily biodegradeable and can be easily reintroduced into the ecological cycle during the decaying process”.

Deepmello’s leather goods are unique, particularly the Coral Leather Dress with a zip front and scarf-like drapes, and the buttoned cuffs in a grey dyed leather.


The whole process of leather production for Deepmello takes place in Germany. This includes cultivating the rhubarb plants, the extract recovery, the origin of the cow hides, the tanning and leather finishing.

Expect to pay designer prices for Deepmello’s products, but if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly processed leather that is also suitable for allergy sufferers, rhubarb leather may be the answer to your prayers.


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