Mountkarma: Grandad shirts channelling the Himalayas

Grandad shirts are a wardrobe staple and sustainable streetwear brand, Mountkarma, are injecting the spirit of the Himalayas into their collection.


Made exclusively in the Himalayas, Mountkarma’s Jomsom granddad shirt is made from a unique blend of Nepalese hemp and Indian cotton. For any hemp deniers, the Jomsom granddad shirt may suffice to change your beliefs about hemp, as the combination with cotton makes this classic shirt soft on skin.

Available in slate grey and camel, the former can be worn smart and the latter, casual on spring and summer days.


Mountkarma’s small collection is inspired by the hidden mountain kingdom of Mustang.

Each of Mountkarma’s designs – which also includes T-shirts and beanie hats – are ethically handcrafted by a group of Nepalese artisans, using sustainable materials exclusively found in the Himalayas. Among the materials is cashmere, wool, bamboo, Indian Rosewood and Himalayan Turquoise.

The Jomsom shirt, like Mountkarma’s other products, are finished with a buffalo bone charm handcrafted in the ancient city of Bhaktapur.


For anyone who resonates with the energy and spirit of the Himalayas, Mountkarma’s Jomsom shirt may be the layer of protection you need to survive an urban lifestyle.

Available from Mountkarma

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