Becoming aware of your inner being

How often do you sit and just focus on your breath? For those wanting to bring their inner being forward and be aware of their inner being at all times, this can be pivotal to you connecting to your inner being or true self.

Try this exercise to connect you to your inner being:

  1. Get yourself in chill out mode – put some music on, light a candle, burn some incense and most importantly sit yourself down where you feel comfortable. Whatever resonates with you, create a sacred space for yourself where you will not be disturbed
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Ignore whatever thoughts, ideas or beliefs that may come up. Don’t fight them, just ignore them, continuing to focus only on your breath
  3. After a few breaths, you will become attuned to a deep sense of inner peace. That deep sense of inner peace is your inner being
  4. Familiarise yourself with that being because that is your true self
  5. Don’t think it, don’t feel it, don’t analyse it – just be it, know it and trust in it, for that is who you truly are – this is what it means to be consciously aware
  6. Sit with your awareness of your inner being. Continuing to focus on your breath, you will feel more connected within and closed off to the external world. The chaotic noise shuts down and you begin to find yourself free of anything that does not belong to your inner being
  7. You will experience a heightened sense of your inner being and your intuitive awareness at this point. Allow your intuitive awareness to guide you on the next step that your inner being desires of you

Your inner being is like an inner sanctuary. It is that place of being that should be the norm – not something that’s reserved just for trips to a spa or special occasions – this is a way of being that anyone who is wanting to live from their inner being strives for every second of every day.

Practice these steps as often as you need to. This exercise is as much about believing and trusting in your true self – who you truly – as much as it is about familiarising yourself with who you truly are. The more you familiarise yourself with who you truly are, the trust and belief in your true self begins to kick in. What you will find is your true self is way more familiar than you have acknowledged.

Be patient with yourself when doing this exercise, and be persistent and consistent with it too. When you feel your inner peace or intuitive awareness seems to wear off or you start to follow habits or patterns or you find yourself listening to the chaotic noise around you (ie. the thoughts, thought forms and beliefs) or trying to analyse what you are experiencing, do the above exercise again and bring yourself back to your awareness of your inner being.

You won’t always have the sacred space to do this exercise in nor will you need to create one, as you may find yourself on a crowded tube, and know that your awareness of your inner being or inner peace is waivering. This exercise is designed to get you back to your inner being asap regardless of where you are or what situation you are dealing with.

The more you familiarise yourself with your inner being, you will reach a stage where you never lose that connection to him or her. And life at that stage becomes a whole lot smoother. That’s not to say life’s a breeze from then on, but you will deal with whatever comes up from that place of inner peace and inner knowing, that is your inner being.

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