NOMI: Kick ass cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffees may not be on every coffee lover’s morning agenda but NOMI have created a cold brew coffee, which is naturally sweet, that may just challenge that.

NOMI’s bottled cold brew coffees – Tokyo Black and Kyoto Iced – are made from natural ingredients that aren’t laden with sugar. NOMI’s Kyoto Iced with milk, leaves a lingering taste of coffee in the mouth, unlike hot coffee, that keeps your coffee sensory experience satisfied. It has a light creamy taste that is naturally sweet, so if you’re not one for sugar in coffee, the sweetness is not really noticeable making it a pleasure for the tastebuds.

Made from natural, ethical ingredients, NOMI cold brew for over 16 hours to produce a smoother, naturally sweet coffee, before filtering. The end result can then be enjoyed or straight or as a mixer in cocktails.

NOMI was founded by Kieran and Sam, who whilst living and working in the ski town of Niseko in Japan became hooked on “these strange and wonderful cold coffees”.

One of half of the founding duo, Kieran, spoke to Life & Soul Magazine about NOMI.

Tell me about the Japanese method of cold brewing coffee that Nomi is based around. 

It’s not Japanese per-se. The Japanese were the folk who kept the cold brewing scene alive. So the method is Cold Brewing over an extended period of time.

What inspired you to set up Nomi? When was it created?

After returning to the UK from working in a cafe in Japan. I was inspired by the Japanese focus on artisan quality and convenience.

It is the largest cold coffee market in the world and thus has myriad of choice. Whereas the UK only has a choice of high sugar / low quality variants.

NOMI use “100% ethically sourced” natural ingredients to make the drinks and also package some products in eco-friendly boxes. How important is the environment and sustainability to the brand?

Sustainability is at the heart of what we believe in.

We believe it’s important that we support the hand that feeds the nation’s coffee addiction. Ethically certified coffee is one part of that.

For hardcore coffee fans who love their coffee hot, what would you do to get them to try Nomi?

Purchase a couple of bottles on Yumbles, wait until a warm spring/summers day, open a NOMI and you’ll know what all the fuss about.

Cold Brew Coffee is the best option for those who like real coffee.

NOMI can be purchased online at Yumbles and selected cafes and delis nationwide

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