Spiritual Aids: Whatever floats your inner being’s boat

Self help books have assisted many people the world over, but not everyone taps into their spiritual side this way.

Music can be a very powerful tool to set one on their spiritual journey. And that don’t mean just windpipes, chimes, bells and flutes. Music can touch your soul in different ways – anything from a jazzy drum and bass tune, chill out track, rare groove tune or electro track. Whatever floats your inner being’s boat quite literally.

Aside from life experiences, self help books, music, movies, fiction books and travels are just some of the ways that can open you up to your spiritual path.

Martial arts, yoga and meditation are also tools that can be used to connect to your higher self. Take tai chi and qi gong, for example, they tap into the bodies meridians and can therefore aid in opening up a person’s spirituality.

As a youngster, I was deeply fascinated by Bruce Lee. In amongst the cheese like the House Party movies (Kid’n’Play – anybody remember those blasts from the past?) that I’d crease up at, I’d also enjoy watching Enter the Dragon with little awareness of why this martial arts legend fascinated me so much. Sure he had kick ass gung fu skills and that was admirable, but there was more to it than that which I would discover at a later age.

Bruce Lee was a philosopher and a teacher, and wrote books on Zen and Eastern philosophy. When I was ready to begin my own spiritual journey, it was some of Bruce Lee’s books that really resonated with me.

There’s no right or wrong path to opening you up to your spiritual self. You start that journey when you inner being gives you that intuitive nudge “hey, it’s time now. Wakey, wakey”. Your inner being will direct you to whatever resources they see fit that will work for you. Your journey starts as young as childhood, with your inner being guiding you towards things that resonate with her or him, but it’s in the latter years when you gain the awareness of who you truly are that things start to click.

No two people’s spiritual path or journey are the same. The awakening comes in different ways for different people – for some it may be smoking a few philly bluntz; for someone else, it maybe a favourite album; sitting in a room with candles and incense do it for some; and for others, it maybe reading self help books.

The only self help book my inner being has ever directed me to was Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now”. The first time I attempted to read it, I put it down saying it was “too heavy”. I wasn’t ready at that point – I was flitting in and out spiritually. The second time I sat down to read it, I got it instantly and sat and read the book until I’d finished it in one sitting.

Ultimately, what works for you is what matters. My inner being communicates with me strongly through music, so that continues to be an enlightening experience for me in many ways. I would and still to this day, go delirious at the sound of Latin Percussion – bongos and congas. I was “getting high”, so to speak, on the beat of the drums in some low-key clubs in London. It may not have been quite the Amazonian tribal experience that some seek, but it was my inner being’s way of doing things.

Everybody’s spiritual path is different so don’t be swayed to “follow the masses” so to speak. Each of us are unique spiritual beings – so just because someone in your vicinity is all “happy clappy” after a week-long meditative retreat or taken Iboga or Ayahuasca, don’t mean you go book yourself on the same retreat and follow their path. Just be open to where your intuition takes you and you will find the spiritual aids that your inner being desires for you to assist you in your spiritual journey.

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