Hip Green Hotels: Palo Santo, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires city vacationers in search of a hip green place to stay will be enamoured with Palo Santo, the first urban green hotel in Latin America.


Green it is quite literally from head to toe, for the walls, balconies, patios and roofs of this city based hotel is covered with around 800 plants. Doubling up as both natural insulation as well as absorbing the C02 emissions, this carefully crafted, environmentally friendly concept offers a beautiful, sanctuary in the midst of a bustling neighbourhood.


City breaks may not be every eco champion’s dream vacation, but if you find yourself in the Argentinian city in search of tango, culture or gastronomical highlights, Palo Santo in the Palermo Hollywood neighbourhood may be on your hit list.


Buenos Aires own Hanging Gardens of Babylon is a hip, eco-responsible hotel that follows the trend in contemporary architecture – green building. While the plants on the walls and façade are the main focal point, the interior is spacious and light-filled, gracing modern elegance.


Although the modern furnishings are not all made from sustainable materials, the hotel itself administers an eco-responsible agenda which includes rational use of energy, recycling program, borrow a bike program and suppliers are picked by their commitment to the environment.


Palo Santo Hotel

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