Hip Green Hotels: VIVOOD Landscape Hotels, Alicante, Spain

Fancy staying amidst nature in a sustainable cabin built on stilts? The elevated cabins at VIVOOD Landscape Hotels, in the Guadalest Valley in southern Spain, serve to provide both spectacular views of nature as well as reduce the impact on the rugged landscape.


The adults only hotel is built on the premise to allow holidaymakers to leave their busy lives, unwind and “experience the pleasure of pure nature in the most comfortable, exclusive, beautifully designed surroundings”.

Developed by architect Daniel Mayo, VIVOOD Landscape Hotels aim to create a network of sustainable resorts that blend into rural settings which respect nature without sacrificing comfort and convenience.


VIVOOD Landscape Hotels near the Spanish city of Alicante is the first of Daniel Mayo’s sustainable concept hotels. Situated on a sloping site in the Guadalest Valley, 25 eco-friendly prefabricated units with a unique, patented, fold-away design sit surrounded by nature while conserving the existing ecosystem of the hillside.

The cabins are made from sustainable materials using a combination of timber and black viroc – a composite building board formed from compressed pine wood particles and cement. Minimalist and luxury interiors blend in well with the environment and do not outflank the real beauty itself, Mother Nature’s Guadalest Valley. Huge windows in the cabins, all facing the valley, encourage holidaymakers to connect with nature.


The prefabricated construction method was deployed by Daniel Mayo and his team in line with “the sustainability of an efficient architecture that barely generates any waste”.


A series of pathways connect each of the 25 suites to a restaurant and lounge bar, and infinity pool and a series of terraces and outdoor hot tubs.


And in line with sustainability, the hotel uses energy from renewable sources and has an on-site ecological kitchen garden, supplying produce for their breakfasts.

If it’s peace and tranquility you are after, this adult only hotel may well be perfect for a long weekend getaway.

Images: © VIVOOD Landscape Hotels

VIVOOD Landscape Hotels

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