Inexpensive Eco-friendly Home Appliances

Life & Soul Magazine’s Technology Wizard Zarina takes a look at eco-friendly home appliances… 

These days there is a lot of new technology and too little of it is not eco-friendly. In this article, I will give you some info on amazing inventions and tips that will help you, the environment and future generations.

Solar Powered Charger
hiluckey solar chargerAs we all know most of us can’t live without our phones. So the perfect product for you is a solar powered phone charger. With the Hiluckey Solar Charger you will be done with those desperate runs for a plug with electricity while saving energy. This charger can be used when you’re out-and-about or even when you’re at home: just place it inside your window and get a full charge in 20 minutes. The Hiluckey Solar Charger can be used for iPhones, Android and Tablets.

Hiluckey solar charger is available from Amazon

waterpik ecoflow fixed showerheadWaterpik EcoFlow Showerhead
We could all use a new, eco-friendly showerhead. This Waterpik showerhead will do all some good because it helps us stay nice and fresh with less impact on the environment as it reduces water consumption. Not only is it inexpensive but it also has great water pressure and is very good for the environment. What’s more, this latest innovation in eco-friendly technology also reduces energy use, protects water habitats, and saves money on your water and energy bills.

Waterpik Ecoflow Fixed Mount Showerhead is available from Waterpik

The Eco-Friendly Kettle
vectra5Kettles are the most used appliances in the family home, with an average family using it four times a day and 1,500 times per year. The Vektra Eco Kettle is an electric kettle with the added feature of a stainless steel dual wall vacuum that works exactly like your standard hot drinks flask. Constructed with stainless steel double wall insulation, with just one boil your water will stay hot for up to four hours. Which means less boiling, less energy, less hassle. It’ll keep your hot water hot, as simple as that.

Vektra eco kettles are available online from Vektra

Re-usable Water Bottle
miu colorUsing an eco-friendly water bottle is very easy and there are many plus-es to buying an eco-friendly water bottle made from glass or stainless steel. It’s more environmentally friendly than buying bottled water, even if the plastic bottles are recyclable. You can just top up and go, and keep reusing that bottle. It’s better for your health. There are numerous glass water bottles on the market. In particular, MIU COLOR glass bottles are made of eco-friendly borosilicate glass, and feature a stainless steel cap and protective silicone sleeve. All of the materials used are healthy, BPA, PVC, plastic and lead-free. The MIU COLOR bottles can be used for on the go as well as for home use.

MIU COLOR glass water bottle is available from Amazon and other online retailers

Summing all this up: all of these products are very useful given that they are essentials that get used on a daily basis. So be sure to take a look at them before you buy a new product, and remember…the world will thank you!

Zarina is Life & Soul Magazine’s Technology Wizard. She’s a keen skateboarder, loves the Californian sunshine, and enjoys hunting for gadgets and gizmos that are “green” and go easy on the globe’s resources. 

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