Cheap Eco-friendly Technology

Life & Soul Magazine’s Technology Wizard Zarina gives us her top three pieces of “eco tech” she can’t leave home without…

In this era, lots of people are looking to get the best out of their tech, but they think that they have to pay rent’s-worth of money for good environmentally friendly products. Well take a walk on the wild side! In this week’s article you will be given my top three eco-friendly pieces of tech.


house of marley in-ear phoneAs we all know, music and TV is great to listen to out loud. But in order to get the best experience when watching a movie or listening to music just yourself, nothing beats a good pair of earphones or headphones. And the best earphones and headphones on the block, that are affordable and have great sound quality are The House of Marley products.

The House of Marley products are sustainably crafted from earth-friendly materials including their exclusive REWIND™ fabric, cotton and canvas textiles, recycled plastics, recyclable metals, bamboo, and Forest Stewardship Council-certified woods.

Check out The House of Marley


Charging Cable

aukeyA charging cable is the item that I know I can’t live without, and I’m sure you can’t either. So I am happy to say that we can keep up to date with the world while saving it! Digital lifestyle brand, Aukey make chargers for iPhones, smartphones, tablets and iPads made from eco-friendly materials that do not wear and tear in the way that traditional cables do. Let’s face it, you can have a phone or tablet that will last you years, but the same can’t be said about the charging cables. Aukey make their cables from eco-friendly premium materials. The cable is nylon braided and no matter how you fold it, the cable will not damage, and is designed for long-term use.

Aukey charging cable are available from Amazon and all good retailers

bamboo usb driveFor all of you who need to store information, there are numerous eco-friendly USB sticks that will store your files. It works as per usual but the casing is made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo.

In conclusion, I think that all these products are great for you and the world. Remember…the world will thank you!

Zarina is Life & Soul Magazine’s Technology Wizard. She’s a keen skateboarder, loves the Californian sunshine, and enjoys hunting for gadgets and gizmos that are “green” and go easy on the globe’s resources. 


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