January Tonic

Quantum Touch practitioner Debbie Giles gives Life & Soul Magazine her top tips for implementing basic changes to your wellbeing for January…

Never say never! I’m never gonna drink again, the never agains, making a big announcement in January can set us up to fall. By incorporating some goodness into your everyday life not just for your January plan but for your lifestyle plan, will automatically improve your health and help you form a balanced lifestyle. Don’t set too many goals at once, set a few goals that are reachable and incorporate them over a period of time.

So start with choosing to drink water. This is probably one of the most important things you can do for your body that we also take for granted. Find the water that you like. I prefer Highland Spring because it’s of the land I’m living on and comes from an organic land source. However, if you are waste conscious you may want to invest in a good water filter. I hear the Berkey brand is a good one.

Once you’ve sorted out the choice of water, make sure you remind yourself to top up so you don’t run out, or that you have enough filters and have a water intake. You need to upkeep the flow and for your body’s memory to kick in and give you the natural warning signs of dehydration, that your body now thinks of as normal like headaches and other aches and pains. Retraining or remember, should I say, is very possible with a little effort from you. Start by drinking a glass a day, let’s say for a week, then two glasses a day on the second week and so on, you get the picture. You need to get yourself as close to two litres a day as possible.

If you can go in and start on that amount and keep it up, then good on you and go for it, and enjoy your hydration. However, for those who really struggle with drinking water, who thinks it’s boring, tasteless or whatever other excuses you make about drinking it; try the week-by-week method and allow your body to remember its importance and you will open up a gift within that makes you feel great.

We are 70% water on average, just like the planet! And just like the planet when water is stagnant it gets all sorts of nasties in it, like bad bacteria, mosquitoes and so forth. So by drinking the right amount of water on a daily basis flushes all toxins out of the body, which is why after an energy treatment it’s so important to drink plenty of water, and flush out toxins that have been moved by the treatment. If they are not flushed out then they could just settle elsewhere in the body. Keep at this for a month. Your body will become used to your water intake and will have a memory on a cellular level of feeling good.  When you see water you will want to drink it. It will become a common practice and your body will tell you “Hey! I need to hydrate and drink water”. And of course once you get past the month this will be an easier action for you to do. It will become second nature.

Watch your moods. If you start feeling down, are getting headaches or generally feeling run down, have aches or pains, ask yourself: have you stopped hydrating? Are you walking around dehydrated?  There is an old Chinese proverb “water is first medicine” so it’s probably sensible for us to make sure we drink it.

Debbie Giles is a Quantum Touch Practitioner offering healing and therapies to clients face-to-face and remotely. She is a gifted intuit and helps people to connect to who they truly are and embrace their wholeness. She can be contacted at: www.debbiegiles.com

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