What we can all learn from Freerunning and Freerunners

Freerunning or Parkour is a series of beautiful and swift movements that are elegant and graceful in my eyes. How I’ve described it maybe how someone else would describe ballet. I didn’t mention the jumping off of walls, bridges and the daring stunts that parkour takes in. Sure, I see that, but to me I marvel in the splendour of the movements, the precision of the freerunner and the sheer brilliance in what they are doing. And most importantly, their connection to their source, the oneness with all that they are, and the total acceptance of their true self.

sebastian foucan Jumping around London and hanging off walls, bridges, monuments may appear risk taking or “insane” to some. But truth is freerunning legend Sebastien Foucan and his peers, including British World Freerunning Champion, Tim Shieff, have overcome fears and obstacles to practice and master what is inherently natural to them, and while some may see it as “crazy”, just as people have said about endurance artist, David Blaine, it can only be bold, enlightening and inspiring.

Truth is the likes of Sebastien Foucan and Tim Shieff and other freerunners live from within, in the world that is of their true self. They strive to live in the present and master the art of being so they can do what they are destined to do. They trust in who they truly are completely and totally and know that their inner beings will never put them in compromising position, hence the so called “risk taking”. What one will perceive as “crrrazy” that someone could hang off a bridge or effortlessly run around the top of a cityscape’s buildings, to the free runner is living their truth, trusting in their truth and being their truth. The power lies in trusting and believing in who they truly are. Something, regardless of whether you like parkour or not, we can all take inspiration from.


Here’s what Tim Shieff, aka “Livewire”, has to say about living his truth: “I am a Human practising Being. Often we get caught up in a desire to constantly be doing something, we become Human Doings and forget our nature is to BE.

“I thrive on adventure and spontaneity because it’s in our nature as humans, and life rewards these ‘in the moment’ actions. All children live this way naturally (which is quite possibly why so many of them are happier then adults) and I aim to keep this lifestyle and even regain some of the childish methods that keep the world an exciting, beautiful and abundant place.

“I truly believe that every soul enters this physical world with a gift rooted in creativity that serves the planet as a whole. The most important thing we can do with our lives is to find and share that gift. Most of us intuitively knew exactly what that was when we were children but it’s often drilled out by parents, cultures, peers and schools treating/judging us all the same and not like the individuals we’re born to be. I was blessed enough to have parents that supported anything I showed a passion towards and so this spark was never extinguished until it found its possibly predestined outlet in Freerunning.”

Tim Shieff continues: “Freerunning taught me a lot about myself physically, how to listen to my body and treat it with care and respect whilst still experimenting and not being too strict and cautious so as to lose the joy of spontaneity. But what it taught me that benefits my life more then anything physical is how powerful our minds are and what faith feels like, and that when faith is present and we make decisions out of love, desire for new experience and abundance as apposed to fear, habit and scarcity we are supported by something beyond us that we don’t have a sense for and can only be felt through observing our own thoughts, emotions, decisions and outcomes.

“My gift is a physical expression of my believes that I enjoy partaking in and when I do it my mind falls silent, it brings me focus in the now and gives me access to creativity which as we all know is most flowing when our minds are quietened.

“However I recognise that this gift doesn’t make me who I am. Who we are is what we do with the attention and respect our gift brings us from the people it resonates with. Who we are is determined by the integrity we keep, the morals we stand by and our ability to remain compassionate and mindful to others (not just humans). It is a responsibility abused a lot in the past but now the veil is lifting, people are waking up to the reality of the largely superficial world we currently live in and things are changing.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

“Life is a school for learning how to think freely, how to love, care for others, have faith, create peace, overcome diseases and connect with nature. We are all students and at the same time we’re all teachers.”

Rosalind Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She is a journalist who writes about sustainable life & style, music, entertainments and wellbeing. Rosalind also works as a spiritual life coach and intuitive advisor helping people to become who they truly are and manifest their heart & soul’s desires into their lives: www.rosalindmedea.com

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