Zero waste: food makeup

That’s really cool, thanks. Do you have any ideas on what you would use for colouring to create a black eyeliner?


Concept of Sustainability

Red & green colour from beets & Spirulina

I want to share with you how I made my zero waste makeup!
Other than the fact that it is made zero waste, the main reason I decided to make my own makeup products was because I do not want to put unhealthy ingredients onto my face. I used to use makeup that contained bad ingredients, until I did a bit of research on my makeup products. Since when was it acceptable to put weird formulas into our bodies? Natural ingredients is the way to go!
These homemade makeup products were surprisingly fun to make. I was amazed how a few simple ingredients can be used as makeup products!


This was absolutely fun to make. Having to burn food intentionally is strangely satisfying.

  1. With a mortar & pestle, crush two pieces of almonds.
  2. In a pan, cook the almonds until it…

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