Around the World in 80 Eco Spas: Lahuen Co, Argentina

Life & Soul Magazine’s Travel Guide to Eco Spas will whet your appetite for a vacation that brings healing to holidaymakers in accommodations that work in harmony with the planet. 

3. Lahuen Co, Argentina

Lahuen Co, located in one of Argentina’s most preserved areas, is a boutique eco lodge and natural spa. It’s also where rising to breathtaking views of Patagonia’s glacial and volcanic beauty is all part of a once in a lifetime experience at the deeply remote, Lahuen Co.

Lahuen Co, eco lodge & thermal spa is settled right in the heart of Lanin National Park, in the south of Neuquen Province. If it’s biodiversity and richness that you seek on vacation, this protected area of high environmental value in Patagonia is unrivalled in beauty. You can choose to fill your time at Lahuen Co with a soak in thermal waters, float in a heated infinity pool or for the more adventure types, go kayaking on Lake Huechulafquen.

lahuen co

The far-flung location of Lahuen Co means it’s not within easy reach – a four-hour drive from Bariloche and close to the border with Chile – but it’s all the more worthwhile for its marvellous natural setting including a landscape made of virgin native forests, pristine lakes, lagoons and mountain streams.

Relaxation does not stop at the awe-inspiring setting. Lahuen Co also has a state-of-the-art spa with the privilege of having thermal springs that emerge naturally from the ground, thanks to the nearby Epulafquen hot springs. The thermal spa is immersed in a native forest and surrounded by crystal clear lakes and streams, and with a strong connection to the surrounding elements, it makes for a vitalising place to bathe.

lahuen co

Lahuen Co, constructed based on eco-sustainable principles, is simple in design, keeping in synchronicity with its surroundings. A mixture of wood and slate, the large glass windows bring the area’s applauded biodiversity into the rooms. Sustainable in its simplicity, Lahuen Co also features micro-turbine electricity and central heating mostly provided by the geothermal resource.

The airy wood and glass spa complex features a circuit of indoor and outdoor pools. The bathing pools, starting with waters at body temperature and becoming increasingly hotter, is based on Japanese and Roman philosophies of “health through water”. The thermal algae, present in the waters, together with the high level of mineralization, are beneficial for skin nutrition and restitution.

Lahuen Co is also a suitable base to explore nearby petrified lava rivers, volcanic treks, and fly fishing in crystal clear lakes.

Pictures: Lahuen Co

Lahuen Co

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