Bamboo Skateboards Earth Series’ earth-friendly decks

Bamboo Skateboards have created the Earth series, featuring prints of Mother Earth in all her glory, that are environmentally friendly decks at affordable prices.

The Earth Series – which features images of a sunset, forest, mountain and nebula – is made from a sustainable wood hybrid of bamboo and maple. California-based brand, Bamboo Skateboards, ensure that all materials used in the manufacturing of their decks are environmentally friendly including the use of a water based glue.

The Earth Series decks, which come in sizes ranging from 7.5″-8.5″, are priced $39.50. Wheels are sold separately.

Bamboo Skateboards was set up to challenge the skateboard manufacturing industry, which has been a huge contributor to maple deforestation, surpassing that of furniture manufacturing as the leading contributor to maple deforestation in recent years. An estimated six million skateboards are produced annually. Bamboo matures in 3-5 years while a maple tree can take up to 60 years.

In 2008 a team of skaters and entrepreneurs decided to accept the challenge of coming up with an environmentally-friendly alternative to maple decks that they could introduce into the short board market – a feature that was virtually untouched at the time.

bamboo skateboards earth series nebula

Bamboo Skateboards said: “When skateboarding took over flooring as one of the major contributors to maple deforestation, our mission became to explore other ways of making skateboards. Bamboo not only aids in creating better boards, but is also a socially responsible choice.

“By using bamboo – which is a grass, not wood – as an alternative material for producing skateboards, Bamboo Skateboards aim to help preserve forests, reduce soil erosion, and improve the air & water quality of our planet.

“We choose bamboo because of its endless renewability as a resource, and it’s minimal effect on the environment.”

Bamboo Skateboards also partner with charities and non-profit organisations that benefit from sales that the company make. Bamboo Skateboards also run a charitable program known as 100 decks for 1through which a portion of deck sales are given back to local at-risk youth in the form of complete skateboards.

Bamboo Skateboards

Rosalind Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She is a journalist who writes about sustainable life & style, music, entertainments and wellbeing. Rosalind also works as a spiritual life coach and intuitive advisor helping people to become who they truly are and manifest their heart & soul’s desires into their lives:




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