Island Earth: Documentary examines how the world’s population can be fed without destroying the planet

Island Earth is a documentary film that tells the story of a young indigenous scientist’s journey in Hawaii, through the corn fields of GMO companies and loi patches of traditional elders, revealing modern truths and ancient values that can save the future of our food.

Island Earth follows Malia Chun, Cliff Kapono, and Dustin Barca – three Hawaiians seeking to make Hawaii a beacon of hope for an uncertain future.

Research has found that in order to feed the population of this planet, as much food would need to be grown in the next 35 years as has been grown since the beginning of civilisation.

But conventional agricultural practices are depleting the earth’s natural resources faster than they are being replenished. Not to mention that the pros and cons of most attempts at modern chemical solutions (pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs) continue to be heavily debated by scientists, policy makers, industrial heavyweights and community activists.

Island Earth brings to Hawaii the question of: how the world is going to feed the population without destroying the planet?

Less than two centuries ago, native Hawaiians fed their large population through some of the most historically sustainable agricultural practices ever documented. Yet modern-day Hawaii now imports 80-90% of their food supply from elsewhere in the world, due to a complex web of public policy and private interests. Within two generations, the Hawaiians have become canaries in the coal mine for food issues that are affecting the entire planet.

Filmmaker Cyrus Sutton said: “Growing up amongst Southern California’s endless strip malls, trips to Hawaii symbolized what the world could be—lush, fragrant and vital. Beyond the beautiful surf was a culture that taught me a different definition of wealth, where clean water and verdant landscapes held everything that we needed to thrive. A few years ago, I heard that this paradise was being poisoned by chemical companies testing their GMO crops. Shocked by the lack of the media coverage and the misleading information, I decided to do something.”

Island Earth is being screened in select cinemas. To find a screening near you, click here.

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