Sustainable Stays: Little White Alice, West Cornwall

Holidays within eco-friendly and eco-conscious environments are great ways to experience a greener lifestyle and get ideas on how one can incorporate sustainable living into one’s everyday existence.

At West Cornwall’s Little White Alice, couple Simon and Rosie have opened up their dwellings to share their green lifestyle with holidaymakers. Set within a 28-acre smallholding in Carnmenellis, Little White Alice is where you can stay in a traditional cottage or eco ark; rub noses, quite literally, with Little White Alice’s farmyard animals – alpacas, sheep, pigs, chickens et al; chill out at the on-site spa with hot tub and sauna, powered by the elements; and take a walk within 12-acres of nature reserve where coming into contact with inhabitants such as adders, toads, birds, rare butterflies and wild red deer may be possible.

Little White Alice has created a haven for holidaymakers that is likely to please all members of the holiday jolly – families with small children and older children, couples, and adventure seekers. Its West Cornwall location means it’s ideal for visiting Cornwall’s beaches along the north and south coastlines, as well as the famous attraction, The Eden Project which has been dubbed as a “global garden”.

There are two types of accommodations on offer at Little White Alice. There’s two traditional cottages, but the real fun and grassroots green living comes by way of two cosy “eco arks”, made from wood.

Designed for couples and families in mind, the eco arks have been created by artisan craftspeople, one of which includes an open plan living space heated by renewable energy, and feature all the mod cons.

Relaxation, aside from wild side walks in the nature reserve, is presented in the form of The Wild Spa. The Wild Spa, crafted with sustainability and the environment at the forefront, is where you will find a hot tub and sauna powered by the elements. The hot tub uses clear pure water and no chemicals are added. And a sauna is fuelled by wood.

The Wild Spa also comprises of a sanctuary area, decked out in cedar wood, which provides a sacred space for spa goers. The sanctuary area overlooks a small pond, providing the perfect setting for being at one with nature and one self.

Little White Alice owners Simon and Rosie say the aim of Little White Alice was to be “as sustainable as possible making use of in house green technology and the best of sustainable building practices to create a luxury holiday business”. The couple have gone all out to make their small holding self-sufficient in energy and water, and say they “provide more energy than we use”.

Some of the ways in which Little White Alice has become self-sufficient, including energy efficient, is through the use of a borehole for extracting spring water, a reed bed for purifying all waste water, solar panels and a wind turbine which generate electricity, solar thermal panels for heating water, and a spa fuelled by wood, wind and the sun.

Sources of inspiration at Little White Alice are infinite it would appear. Aside from the environment and the dwellings at Little White Alice, there’s also inspiration by way of arts and crafts workshops which is run by one half of the couple behind Little White Alice. Rosie’s Studio is where co-owner, Rosie, runs arts and craft activities. It’s also the place where the artist sets her own creative challenges, one of which has been to “learn to spin making sustainable use of alpaca and shetland sheep fleeces”.

On the Little White Alice website, Rosie wrote: “By nurturing the land we nurture ourselves and hope that our guests might come to feel a part of that learning journey. We have so much to learn and often need to call upon other’s expertise but each day we begin to understand a little more about trying to live in balance with our environment.”

Little White Alice

Rosalind Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She is a writer specialising in sustainable life & style, music, entertainments and wellbeing. Rosalind also works as a spiritual life coach and intuitive advisor helping people to become who they truly are and manifest their heart & soul’s desires into their lives:

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