Around the World in 80 Eco Spas: Hawaii Island Retreat, Hawaii Island

Life & Soul Magazine’s Travel Guide to Eco Spas will whet your appetite for a vacation that brings healing to holidaymakers in accommodations that work in harmony with the planet. 

5. Hawaii Island Retreat, Hawaii Island

Hawaii’s natural and spiritual splendors have been drawing those to its cluster of islands for years. Now Hawaii’s credentials stretch to include sustainable splendors, with Hawaii Island Retreat’s eco-boutique hotel and spa.

Set above the seacliffs along Hawaii Island’s North Kohala coast, Hawaii Island Retreat is where sustainability and luxury combine to create a location for holiday goers seeking complete peace and harmony from within outwards.

Hawaii Island Retreat generates its own solar and wind-turbine power, harnesses its own water, and grows much of its own food.

Designed as a model of sustainability and elegant earth-friendly living, the 50-acre retreat is owned and operated by Jeanne Sunderland and Robert Watkins. Jeanne Sunderland, respected in the local community for her energy healing skills, is the lead therapist at the retreat’s Maluhia eco-spa. Robert Watkins, also a local physician, built the retreat’s structures alongside his son.

There’s not much at this island retreat that hasn’t been immersed in eco principles. Maluhia eco-spa, an outdoor spa pavilion, was designed and built with nature in mind, from earth-friendly building materials to solar-heated and salt purified pool and hot tub. Therapies include Hawaiian and other traditional, holistic treatments and massages. Beauty products used at the spa are made from organic produce grown on site including Hawaiian noni, papaya, aloe vera, coffee, kukui, and cultivated herbs.

Sustainable harvested woods provide the flooring in the 10 boutique hotel rooms, while natural light and ventilation keep energy usage to a minimum.

Hawaii Island Retreat is pretty much self-sufficient and has everything you would want from an idyllic, off-the-beaten track destination including beautiful, on-site treks.

Surrounded by 50 acres of land, 20 of which are a dedicated conservation area, highlights include the windswept cliffs and streamside meadows of Honopueo and Hana’ula, ancient land divisions in historic North Kohala. There are also paths leading back through gardens and valley, or seaward to a cobbled beach and cove.

So if you want to be fully immersed in an eco friendly vacation on a beautiful island setting, Hawaii Island Retreat goes the extra mile in providing that for holiday makers.

Pictures: Hawaii Island Retreat

Hawaii Island Retreat

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