Solar World Cinema: Solar powered mobile cinemas bringing “unseen films to unusual places”

Solar World Cinema is aiming to raise awareness of switching to renewable energies while bringing unseen films to unusual places through its international network of solar powered mobile cinemas.

Local mobile cinemas are transported via vans that have solar panels on their roof. They travel everywhere and are completely self-sufficient.

The photovoltaic system captures sunlight during the day and this is transformed into projection light at night. The solar system produces enough energy for 10 hours of film screening. No additional energy source is needed.

After sunset open-air film screenings are organised in any public space be it a square, park or beach, as the solar cinema unfolds easily into an outdoor cinema.

Solar World Cinema started life in the Netherlands where the Solar Cinema would visit local parks taking unseen films to locals. It was at these gatheringS that neighbours who had never met nor spoken before would gather and hang out together.

Since 2010, Solar World Cinema has made it their mission to help set up new solar powered cinemas around the world including the Sahara, Indonesia, Chile, Brazil, Arizona, Mexico and Kosovo among other places. It has enabled them to “reach out to electricity and culturally deprived areas, bringing unseen films to unusual places”.

Solar World Cinema, set up by founder Maureen Prins – herself a film maker, screen independent movies across their network of solar cinemas worldwide. Maureen Prins, alongside her team, have worked alongside local entrepreneurs worldwide to set up similar vans like the one she first devised in the Netherlands, as well as local film production teams.

In addition to screening “unseen films”, Solar World Cinema use their screening events as any opportunity to screen their Go Greener short films aimed at raising awareness of green issues.

Solar World Cinema say: “The mission of Solar World Cinema is to democratise the access to cinema, creating a special platform to screen films with social matters for free, turning public spaces into self sustainable open-air cinemas.

“Our objective is to raise awareness and stress the importance of switching to renewable energies. This awareness is embedded in the daily life of the audience by organising free screenings, workshops and cultural activities.

“Furthermore we are an alternative distributor of independent cinema that reaches an audience in remote places that are normally difficult to reach. We go beyond the borders of the traditional cinematic world.”

Solar World Cinema adds: “Not only the Solar Cinema itself is an innovative tool that brings sustainable solutions in people’s daily life, but also bringing inspiring content is an important mission. Therefore we program inspirational and artistic short films in our ongoing go greener shorts film program: a selection of inspiring, fresh, non moralistic short films that have a green or sustainable message or theme. These short films are screened during each screening of Solar World Cinema around the world.”

In 2013 Cine Solar Brasil was set up in collaboration with Brazilian film company, Brazucah. Since then Cine Solar has set up various initiatives including green graffiti workshops and a sustainable DJ booth.

Solar World Cinema also help already existing mobile cinemas to switch to solar energy.

Solar World Cinema

Rosalind Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She is a writer who specialises in sustainable life & style, music, entertainments and wellbeing. Rosalind also works as a spiritual life coach and intuitive advisor helping people to become who they truly are and manifest their heart & soul’s desires into their lives:

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