Fanny Aïshaa: A nomadic artist with an unconditional love for Mother Nature

Nomadic artist Fanny Aïshaa has found herself in places and situations in life where she has been able to draw on her innate artistic skills to visually express her experiences of the indigenous communities, animals and the natural habitats that she encounters.

The Quebec-born artist, with a strong connection to nature and the universe, has travelled to Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, Senegal, USA and Canada, where she has been fortunate to capture the life force of its peoples and land.

Fanny Aïshaa describes herself as an artist with “an unconditional love for colors, ecosystems, the magic found at the heart of communities and the diversity of the world”.

As a self-taught artist, her approach to art is multi-dimensional. She draws on artistic styles of all kinds in her depictions of Mother Nature and her peoples.

Fanny Aïshaa’s epic murals, some of them collaborative projects, feature bold and bright colours full of character just like the beings she encounters and paints.

Fine-detailed illustrations of wildlife and people draw on not only Fanny Aïshaa’s dexterity as an artist but her sixth-sense abilities to see beyond what the naked eye can see, capturing a side of the animals and people that is an expression of their inner light and truth.

Fanny Aïshaa’s photographs of nature are visual expression’s of the artist’s rapport with the animals and birds that are dominant subjects of her photographic portfolio.


The artist, born to a Moroccan father and French Quebec mother, was adopted as a child. She grew up in the countryside of Quebec, surrounded by nature and a loving and supportive family who nurtured her desire to express herself through art.

Having encountered racism as a child, Fanny Aïshaa developed the need to fight ignorance, injustice and prejudice, which her art also does.

According to Fanny Aïshaa’s website: “Aïshaa, meaning ‘the one that lives’, seeks to thank the powers of life, diversity, nature, our ancestors and the spiritual connection between generations, and the great history of the world.”

Images: © Fanny Aïshaa

Fanny Aïshaa

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