Around the World in 80 Eco Spas: Costanoa Lodge, Pescadero, California

Life & Soul Magazine’s Travel Guide to Eco Spas will whet your appetite for a vacation that brings healing to holidaymakers in accommodations that work in harmony with the planet.

8. Costanoa Lodge, Pescadero, California

California’s eco resort, Costanoa Lodge, offers a peaceful haven for holidaymakers seeking a retreat in nature – designed to encourage exploration of the stunning beauty of the protected California coastline, an appreciation of the land on which the resort sits and its surroundings, and to marvel at a thriving ecosystem.

Surrounded by 30,000 acres of state parks from Big Basin to Año Nuevo, Costanoa Lodge, located in the quiet town of Pescadero, overlooks deserted beaches and rugged bluffs, and sits in the heart of a vibrant wildlife reserve. Just one hour south of San Francisco on the eastside of historic Highway 1, Costanoa Lodge has played host to city dwellers in search of sanctuary for weekend trips and long stays.

Truly unique, Costanoa Lodge, which lies at the centre of one of the most ruggedly beautiful and spacious stretches of California’s coast, is where the local wildlife, including many rare and endangered species, vastly outnumbers humans. An abundance of deers, bobcats and foxes inhabit the local land.

Costanoa Lodge is located on a sparsely populated slice of the California coast that has more resident elephant seals than people during the winter months. The elephant seal and gray whale populations remain at levels nearly that of 200 years ago – a tribute to the robust ecosystem, and to a concerted effort at nature conservation, which Costanoa Lodge contributes to.

Although not strictly an eco spa, Costanoa Lodge is more than that – it’s where you will find spa facilities, alongside onsite adventure activities including horseback riding. There is a spa offering treatments, as well as sauna and hot tub facilities at various locations in Costanoa Lodge’s vast dwellings.

But The Spa at Costanoa is not exclusively where the relaxation starts nor ends. Rather it appears to be an add-on or a plus point to this eco and sustainable resort. The real relaxation takes place on-site and within the surrounding area. Whether it’s catching mist on the cheeks from the ocean air; soaking up the “Californian sunshine” on a nearby, secluded beach; sipping organic wine from a local producer at Costanoa Lodge’s on-site restaurant; or witnessing Mother nature’s animal kingdom on one of the many hiking trails, this is where Costanoa Lodge excels. Built in harmony with the land, just being at this resort or on the land rather, is pure relaxation, for it is where holidaymakers can appreciate nature whilst participating in nature.

The range of activities, which also includes a kids camp, and accommodations at this Californian coastline eco resort is what makes it appealing and suitable to holidaymakers of all kinds – families, couples, honeymooners and lone travellers. There are environmentally low-profile lodges, communal cabins, tent-style bungalows and campsites to suit various budgets.

Respect for nature is a high priority for Costanoa Lodge. Costanoa Lodge General Manager Trevor Bridge says: “From recycling and all-natural chemical-free soaps, detergents and cleaning products to our 6-million-gallon retention pond used for irrigation, recycled waste water and drought tolerant plants, Costanoa Lodge is committed to sustainability.”

The resort, which was certified green by the Bay Area Green Business Program in 2009, is also home to reclaimed and upcycled furniture too. The Adirondack-style chairs used throughout the resort are made from repurposed milk jugs. Each product and process at Costanoa Lodge has been evaluated for its impact on the earth.

Costanoa Lodge’s on-site restaurant, serves locally grown food and wine. The restaurant’s menu is updated seasonally to include freshly harvested ingredients from nearby farms as well as Costanoa Lodge’s own organic farm.

Costanoa Lodge actively encourages holidaymakers to embrace nature in its purest form. It’s all about downtime at Costanoa Lodge. That’s why there are no televisions in the rooms. Wireless internet is available, however. As the resort say: “It is sometimes necessary to disconnect from civilization in order to rest and relax; at Costanoa, we take pleasure in helping you do so. We encourage our guests to get out and Discover the Pace of Nature.”

All images: © Costanoa Lodge

Costanoa Lodge

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