KIDS OCEAN DAY: Motivating kids into action in caring for their environment

KIDS OCEAN DAY – an initiative where kids from schools in Los Angeles adopt-a-beach along the Californian coast to clean-up waste – is set to take place on 25 May 2017.

KIDS OCEAN DAY is about educating kids into action to protect the beaches and oceans. It emphasises that clean beaches and oceans start with clean neighbourhoods.

The beach clean-up field trip, held towards the end of the school year annually, provides kids with a fun, hands-on opportunity to make a difference by recycling, reducing litter and cleaning up their neighbourhoods and beaches.

The Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education, who organise the annual KIDS OCEAN DAY now in its 24th year, say the event aims to motivate students to care about their environment and involve them in community service.

Getting kids to the beach and in touch with nature challenges them to recycle, reduce litter and participate in beach clean-ups. By taking an active role in the care of their environment, the likelihood that this behaviour becomes part of their lifestyle increases.

The Malibu Foundation, say: “Teaching kids that they have the power to make an impact is the most important thing we can do for the next generation.

“For many students, it is their first chance to experience the beach, to see the ocean and to make the connection with their neighbourhood and their lives. It is a tangible and compelling way to focus their attention on the issue of local pollution.”

Last year, more than 4,000 kids came out to clean the beach.

Since 1991 the Malibu Foundation’s Adopt-A-Beach School Assembly Program has been seen by over 680,000 California school children. Over 125,000 children from the program have participated in 23 KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Ups.


For more information on KIDS OCEAN DAY and to donate, visit their website

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