Bokashi: A composting solution to food waste

Wondering what to do with those scrap bits of food waste that can’t be salvaged? Bokashi is a Japanese fermentation system that pickles all your kitchen waste before transforming it into compost.

Bokashi Buckets are eco-friendly composters, which come in a range of sizes that will work for any space whether you live in a small flat or a large house, that are easy to use for the whole family, including children.

Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning “fermenting organic matter”. Bokashi Buckets are air tight containers which use Bokashi as one of the most effective methods of recycling kitchen waste.

A bran-based material that has been activated with Effective Micro-Organisms (EMs) – essentially friendly bacteria and molasses – is placed in the bucket, which then aids and promotes the fermentation of your household food waste – including meat, fish, dairy products and even small bones.

The fermentation process is said to not produce adverse smells, so the bucket can be kept under the sink or in the home.

Once fermented in the Bokashi Bucket, the mix can then be dug into the soil as a conditioner, added to a compost pile or bin, or introduced to a wormery. When introduced to a compost heap, the Bokashi waste acts as an accelerator to speed up the composting process.

The process also produces a liquid which can be used as a nutrient-rich plant food or to unblock/reduce algae build up in drains.

Bokashi Buckets are available Evengreener and all good retailers

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