Sea of Miracles film shows Japanese activists fighting against a proposed nuclear power plant

Documentary film Sea of Miracles tells the story of a galvanised resistance to a proposed nuclear power plant in Kaminoseki, Japan, led by activist Midori Takashima.

Sea of Miracles focuses on Midori Takashima, founder of the Kaminoseki Nature Conservation Association, who along with fishermen and farmers have been actively protesting against the proposed construction for 35 years.

Kaminoseki is a unique area of Japan’s Inland Sea, known for its a biodiversity and home to endangered species like the crested murrelet and numerous rare or endemic fish, shellfish and seabirds.

In spite of this, the area is at risk from overdevelopment, specifically from the planned construction of the power plant–which would be the first one built since the Fukushima meltdown in 2011.

Sea of Miracles shows how the construction would destroy an ancient way of life and further threaten several endangered species of this potential World Heritage site.

Sea of Miracles is part of the Patagonia film series, Granted, which tells the stories of people who are fighting to preserve or restore life-giving connections to their lands, cultures and communities. Patagonia has supported the people featured in its Granted series through its Environmental Grants Program.

Sea of Miracles is the third mini-documentary in the Granted series. It follows The Refuge, the second in the series, which highlighted the story of two Gwich’in Nation women in Alaska who are continuing a decades-long fight to protect their land and future, which is now under threat by oil extraction and climate change. You can watch the film below.

Sea of Miracles will be premiered tonight at Patagonia’s store in Seattle as part of the Granted Film Festival 2017. The film is free for all attendees.

For Granted Film Festival 2017 tour dates, check the Patagonia website

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