Sanctuary helps more animals after installing renewable energy

Teckels Animal Sanctuary, an animal rescue charity, are caring for homeless cats and dogs and the planet thanks to renewable energy.

The animal rescue charity have installed solar panels and a renewable heat system at their premises in Gloucester.

Prior to the installation of renewable energy at the sanctuary, Teckels Animal Sanctuary were finding their bills to be high. Teckels Animal Sanctuary was using a large amount of hot water to wash and keep bedding and blankets clean for their animals in care.

Clare Campbell, centre manager at Teckels Animal Sanctuary, says: “The planet is essentially a living, breathing thing, and it deserves the same respect that we give the cats and dogs we have here.”

The installation of the solar panels and an air source heat pump has dramatically reduced energy costs at the sanctuary, enabling the charity to care for more animals in need. It is also helping the environment by saving 16,000kg of CO2 every year.

Teckels Animal Sanctuary

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