The Minimalists: Helping people create more of the life they desire

Living a meaningful life with less is a lifestyle choice that more people around the world are becoming awakened to with help from The Minimalists.

The Minimalists – two childhood friends Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus – are essentially two guys who are living and breathing a meaningful life, and sharing their knowledge with people.

The pair both left corporate jobs in America after a “lingering discontent” in 2010, and have since helped over 20 million people live meaningful lives with less through their teachings which are available through their books, their website, and a weekly podcast.

The Minimalists said: “We weren’t happy. There was a gaping void, and working 70–80 hours a week just to buy more stuff didn’t fill the void: it only brought more debt, stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, guilt, overwhelm, and depression.

“What’s worse, we didn’t have control of our time, and thus didn’t control our own lives. So, in 2010, we took back control using the principles of minimalism to focus on what’s important.”

Last year the pair made a film, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, which examines and critiques the North American consumerist lifestyle and offers minimalism as an alternative. The full documentary is currently available on Netflix, Amazon and other outlets.

Writing on their website, The Minimalists said: “At first glance, people might think the point of minimalism is only to get rid of material possessions: Eliminating. Jettisoning. Extracting. Detaching. Decluttering. Paring down. Letting go. But that’s a mistake.

“True, removing the excess is an important part of the recipe—but it’s just one ingredient. If we’re concerned solely with the stuff, then we’re missing the larger point.

“Minimalists don’t focus on having less, less, less; rather, we focus on making room for more: more time, more passion, more experiences, more growth, more contribution, more contentment. More freedom. Clearing the clutter from life’s path helps us make that room.

“Minimalism is the thing that gets us past the things so we can make room for life’s important things—which actually aren’t things at all.”

The Minimalists website is a great resource for anyone wanting to find out more about minimalism and how to create more of the life you do want.

The Minimalists

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She is a writer who specialises in sustainable lifestyle and living, wellbeing, and entertainments. Rosa also works as a psychic, counsellor, intuitive reader and spiritual life coach helping people to become who they truly are and manifest their heart & soul’s desires into their lives:

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