Washed Ashore: Saving our seas through creatures of art

Iowa’s Reiman Gardens have ten new creatures on its grounds. The creatures in question are sculptures of sea animals made from trash collected from beaches.

Part of the Washed Ashore project, the sculptures include a blue Marlin, one of the fastest swimmers in the world and a highly sought after sport fish; a white polar bear perched on a melting iceberg; the tail of a humpback whale; a great white shark; and a sea lion pup.

The Washed Ashore project aims to illustrate the tragedy of plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways and to encourage conservation.

Marine debris is a planet-wide problem. Approximately 300 million pounds of plastic is produced globally each year and less than 10% of that is recycled. Much of it ends up in the ocean.

The Washed Ashore Project creates powerful art that captivates all ages and teaches environmental conservation and sustainability. The travelling garbage-to-art exhibits have previously visited the Smithsonian, National Zoo, Denver Zoo, SeaWorld Parks, and San Francisco Zoo.

Washed Ashore is a non-profit community art project founded by artist and educator, Angela Haseltine Pozzi in 2010. The project is based in Bandon, Oregon, where the artist first recognised the amount of plastic washing up on the beaches and decided to take action.

Angela Haseltine Pozzi has vowed to use plastic as the one and only material in her artwork. She says there is no need to even colour the plastic that she finds on beaches, since the plastic which washes ashore is of all colours, shapes and sizes.

Over the past seven years, Washed Ashore has processed tons of plastic pollution from Pacific beaches to create monumental art that is awakening people to the global marine debris crisis.

Washed Ashore is currently on display at the Reiman Gardens, Iowa until 31 October

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She is a writer who specialises in sustainable lifestyle and living, wellbeing, and entertainments. Rosa also works as a psychic, counsellor, intuitive reader and spiritual life coach helping people to become who they truly are and manifest their heart & soul’s desires into their lives: www.rosalindmedea.com

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