Homemade Cat Food

The choice of commercial cat food is far and wide, and convenient it may be, but feeding your kitten or cat a homemade meal is beneficial to your furry one’s nutrition, ensuring they get a balanced diet for optimum health.

Preparing homemade cat food does not take long and given that it’s fresh, you can make it in a batch and freeze the rest, so it can be defrosted when required.

The recipes below are simple and easy, and as quick as preparing a meal for you and your family.

Many homemade recipes also make use of an additional nutritional supplement, specially formulated for felines.

There are many nutritional supplements for felines that will provide an essential blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. When choosing a supplement, follow your intuition on which best support’s your cat’s health.

Cat Food Recipe: Mackerel, sardine and carrot 

Raw Cat Food Recipe

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