Palm Oil Food Substitutes — Love Palm Oil?

Palm oil is ubiquitous, present in the soap and shampoo you use in the morning, to the instant noodles and pizza at lunch time… and we can’t forget the chocolate and ice cream midnight snacks! The list of products containing palm oil is endless. But avoiding palm oil (namely in your food) might be easier […]


2 thoughts on “Palm Oil Food Substitutes — Love Palm Oil?

  1. Did you know there’s been an International Palm Oil Free Certification Accreditation Programme launched in Australia? It’s a world first having been approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and IP Auststralia. It means that all Palm Oil Free products can be now officially certified. A consumer seeing the Trademark can trust that the product they are buying is 100% Palm Oil free, no more trying decipher all the names Palm Oil hides behind. The Programme has been adopted by the UK and Australia with approval pending in another14 countries. Please visit this website for more information

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