The Seed Co-operative: Establishing a sustainable future for food through shared ownership

Community-owned seed companies help farmers through to urban growers take back control of where their seeds come from, ensuring a completely transparent growing process from purchasing seed to full bloom.

The Seed Co-operative was set up to help the future of farming in the UK, by creating a network of farmers, growers, home gardeners, chefs, professionals and amateurs to build a resilient food system.

Through shared ownership, growers are then able to benefit through access to seeds, advice and training from the Seed Co-operative.

The UK’s community owned seed service come into being as an initiative of the Biodynamic Association, supported by Garden Organic and the Organic Research Centre.

The Seed Co-operative envision a world where biodynamic growers and organic farmers work together rather than separately. With community-based initiatives like The Seed Co-operative, it gives people the choice to buy seeds from a reputable business that is working towards establishing a sustainable future for food.

The Seed Co-operative say: “The future of farming, by default, lies in the hands of younger generations. After many years that have seen the average age of a UK farmer increasing towards retirement age, new blood is coming in to farming.

“Many young people entering farming have not inherited their farms and are starting small, often in social enterprises or Community Supported Agriculture. Although the economics need to be proven it is hoped that seed growing might provide another enterprise for small farms.”

The commercial UK seed market, like most of the the world currently, is dominated by a few multi-national companies, including Monsanto. In response to the threats posed to resilient food production by the industrial processes, similar projects to The Seed Co-operative are now coming together worldwide to challenge that.

To function as it does, The Seed Co-operative relies on the support of the community. The Seed Co-operative are calling on interested parties to become shareholders or donate. It is currently aiming to raise £500,000 to pay off short-term loans used to purchase its Lincolnshire-based nursery, Gosberton Bank Nursery, and establish operations there.

If you are interested in supporting The Seed Co-operative, visit the The Seed Co-operative website.

The Seed Co-operative also sell through vegetable, flower and herb seeds through its online shop.

The Seed Co-operative

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