Black Seed Oil: Benefits for Skin and Hair

Black Seed Oil, also known as Black Cumin Seed Oil, has been a highly prized oil for its health and beauty benefits, dating from Ancient Egypt times.

In ancient Egyptian society, the rich golden oil pressed from the Black (Cumin) Seed was named “Pharaoh’s Oil.” Cleopatra reportedly used black cumin seed oil for beautiful hair and skin and King Tutankhamun chose to be buried with a bottle of it.

Black seed oil contains over 100 valuable nutrients. It is comprised of approximately 21% protein, 38% carbohydrates, 35% plant fats and oils. The oil contains a significant amount of calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B12, niacin, and vitamin C.

Native to south and southwest Asia, black cumin oil comes from the Nigella Sativa plant. Black seed oil contains nigella and melatin, the two ingredients that make this oil such a powerful treatment. These two ingredients promote cleansing, act as an antihistamine, and work against respiratory ailments. They are also full of antioxidants which help to cleanse the skin and body of toxins.

Black seed oil has emollient properties, forming a non-greasy film and providing nutritive benefits for the skin. It is also well recognised for regulating the body’s immune cells, and traditionally, black seeds have been applied externally for psoriasis to manage the general pain and patches of eruption.

Black seed oil has several properties which can reduce the symptoms of acne including anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects. The nutritive factors in the oil can also help in the repair and regeneration of damaged skin. Black seed oil is also a natural anti-histamine ideal for treating for skin conditions related to allergy.

This prized oil is beneficial for skin complexion, helping to maintain healthy skin. The powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and nutritive properties of black seed oil can help to restore the natural health and vitality of skin. In skincare, the oil can be taken orally or applied and massaged directly into the skin.

The rich array of oils provides deep skin moisturisation. Additionally vitamin A, amino acids and fatty acids work together to help skin regeneration. Rich in omega 6, black seed oil is particularly suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. Its regenerating and soothing ingredients effectively treat burns, chapped skin or sunburn. It can also be used as a remedy against scars and to prevent scar formation on wounds.

Black seed oil has been traditionally used in some cultures to assist with hair growth, to moisturise hair and scalp, and to prevent hair from going grey. To use as a treatment for grey hair, black seed oil can be mixed with coconut oil, rosemary oil and sage oil, and applied to the scalp and roots to assist the scalp in producing its natural oils, which as well as keeping the scalp well-oiled, it also maintains the natural hair colour.

To moisturise hair from root to tip, apply to the hair and leave in overnight, allowing hair to soak up the oil, before rinsing hair in lukewarm water.

When using black seed oil topically for skincare and haircare, look for a good quality cold pressed oil. Black seed oil also comes in soap bars, often blended with other skin emollient products such as shea butter, for all over body care.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. She is a writer who specialises in sustainable lifestyle and living, wellbeing, and entertainments. Rosa also works as a psychic, counsellor, intuitive reader and spiritual life coach helping people to become who they truly are and manifest their heart & soul’s desires into their lives:

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