Animal Watching: Animated animals gaze at passersby to raise awareness of habitat destruction

Motion graphics studio Maizz Visual projected animated animal heads onto trees at New York’s Electric Zoo Festival in Randall’s Island Park to raise awareness of habitat destruction.

The installation, Animal Watching, projected huge animated images of animal heads – including an elephant, iguana, owl, a lion and more – onto the tree canopy at the electronic music festival held earlier this month. The intense gazes of the animated animals watched and followed passersby.

Animal Watching, which made its debut at Mexico City’s Parque España earlier this year, was created to make humanity aware that animals are also watching humans, and they don’t like what humans are doing to animal habitats. It aims to highlight the destruction of ecosystems and animals species by humans.

The concept for Animal Watching grew out of a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report which highlighted that, in the past 42 years, half of the wild animals on Earth have disappeared due to serious deterioration of habitat.

Mexico-based studio Maizz Visual decided to experiment with animal images, and through a video installation, make them more visible by projecting them onto trees, a key element in their habitats.

The designers also gave the animals some human looks – animals that move, blink, talk, and stare at the audience and people passing by.

Maizz Visual are expecting to take the Animal Watching project to festivals throughout 2017 and 2018. Depending on the country, the motion graphics studio also intend to integrate new animals into the animated projections.

Maizz Visual

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