Sustainable Stays: The Original Hut Company, Bodiam, East Sussex

The Original Hut Company has made it possible for all members of the family to enjoy a stay in nature with a bit of outdoor luxury to boot in the style of Shepherds’ huts – all built using reclaimed, recycled and locally sourced materials.

The Shepherds’ huts sit in an idyllic sunny glade within the woodlands of Bodiam, East Sussex in England on a 200-acre family farm.

While the farm also offers camping facilities, it is the beautiful craftsmanship of the Shepherds’ huts that is to be admired and most definitely warrants a stay.

Made with utmost respect for the environment, The Original Hut Company have built five huts with the aim of making them of the lowest possible environmental impact.

Each of the huts have been constructed using recycled chassis from touring caravans, making them easily more manoeuvrable than those on traditional iron wheels. The roofs are made from an old corn bin, and the timber for the inside work tops and seat covers is sourced from sustainable woods on the farm. The remaining timber used in the construction is all from responsibly farmed forests, while the paint used for the Shepherds’ huts is dyed using natural pigments.

The Shepherds huts, albeit small in size, capture the vibe of an English countryside cottage. Decked out resourcefully, the huts features fixtures and fittings that easily switch functions. For instance, a day bed at one end converts to become bunk beds, and the dining table at the other end folds down to make a double bed. The lighting system is powered via a solar panel on the roof, and a separate hut provides washroom facilities including showers.

Built on an area of woodland that was once neglected for over 20 years, the surrounding woods have in recent times seen a return of native plants such as foxgloves and bluebells, and an increase in birds, mammals and reptiles – making the secluded woodlands a prime spot to soak up Mother Nature at its best.

Many Sustainable Stays go above and beyond just being a place to vacation in. The Original Hut Company also offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in sustainable living, as founders Anna and Nick are also on hand to offer advice on all aspects of rural life – from foraging, farming, forestry to fishing. Glamping with a purpose!

The Original Hut Company

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