Goldfinger Factory: Turning “waste into gold” in the form of bespoke furniture and interiors

Goldfinger Factory is empowering local communities in West London to creatively transform “waste into gold” through craftsmanship and design of beautiful bespoke furniture and interiors.

The social enterprise, housed on the ground floor of West London’s iconic Grade II listed Trellick Tower, is an award-winning design, build and teaching platform centred around upcycling.

Goldfinger Factory provides skills training and assists people in gaining or returning to employment as well as offering designers, makers and craftspeople a platform to develop and sell bespoke furniture and interiors.

Trellick Tower in London’s joint most deprived ward of North Kensington is the city’s most famous council housing block. Built in the “brutalist” style by architect Ernő Goldfinger in 1972, the iconic tower block has featured in music videos for Tricky and Damon Albarn, and featured in the Denzel Washington movie, For Queen And Country.

Oliver Waddington-Bell, founder of Goldfinger Factory, says: “The problem of waste is a huge one. But at Goldfinger Factory, we believe in the circular economy and that waste is just a resource in the wrong hands.

“We save wood from going to landfill wherever we can which is why you’ll see elements of the American Embassy, the Science Museum and even Notting Hill Carnival in our work. What’s more whenever we do use new materials, we always make sure we use the off-cuts (pieces of waste material that are left behind) in creative and innovative ways such as developing new products like chopping boards and even jewellery! This makes us the sustainable choice for building jobs as we’re forging the path to a zero waste economy.”

Oliver Waddington-Ball, who grew up nearby in West London, spent five years running a social enterprise consultancy in China before opening the Goldfinger Factory in 2013. The idea was simple – to get locals to donate their furniture so that it could be restored, upcycled and sold on.

Images: © Goldfinger Factory

Goldfinger Factory

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