Sol Vespidae: Students create solar powered tiny house to be fully self-sustaining

Sol Vespidae, a collective of students from Sacramento State, have created a solar powered tiny house for flexible, off-grid living.

The 400 square foot-tiny home on wheels, which was created as an entry for Sacramento’s SMUD Tiny House Competition, features a vertical wall of solar panels on the northern facade as well as a solar roof, providing the home with sufficient energy.

The southern facade of the home is equipped with an evacuated tube solar collector, which converts sunlight into heat for water. And for the home’s water needs, a 40 gallon rainwater collection tank is affixed to the home’s western side.

Fitted with bay windows, the fully self-sustaining tiny home allows for lots of natural light and feature stairs which lead up to a small sleeping loft.

Sol Vespidae is made up of students from California State University and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Combining their collective education, the team use traditional building techniques, sustainable design practices, and green technology to gain experience and inspire others to build more sustainably.

Sol Vespidae will be competing against nine other collegiate teams at the SMUD Tiny House Competition, which will be on display at Cosumnes River College on 15 October.

Sol Vespidae

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. Follow Rosa on Twitter.


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