Petit Pli: Sustainable children’s clothing that grow with your kids up to seven sizes

Petit Pli is a sustainable range of kids clothing designed to grow as your kids grow.

Featuring a unique pleated fabric which expands to accomodate up to seven sizes, Petit Pli’s outerwear collection fits children from the age 4 months, and will continue to support their growth up to 3-years-old.

The label, created by designer Ryan Mario Yasin, is a new way of approaching garment design, one suitable to high growth rates and discrepancies in children’s sizes. Petit Pli uses technical materials that are ultra-lightweight, waterproof and breathable.

Petit Pli’s clothing equates to 7x less waste than traditional kids garments, and offers parents a sustainable alternative to having to buy new clothes overtime kids grow out of them.

The concept of Petit Pli is built upon using materials resourcefully, because the garments grow up to 7 sizes, parents are buying one, not seven different garments. This all amounts to less: material waste at production; labour; transportation (CO2 emissions) and waste at end of life.

Petit Pli also hopes to work on a psychological level, instilling slow-fashion values in growing children and new parents who are both at a new stage of life where they are open to learning.

Ryan Mario Yasin, who trained as an aeronautical engineer and specialised in deployable structures, was inspired to find a solution to ill-fitting children’s clothes when he had bought his nephew a gift and when he had seen him, he had already grown that size.

Ryan Mario Yasin explains: “I wanted to enter the world of fashion, but soon became disheartened by the unsustainable means by which it operates. I mapped out and researched the entire industry from farming cotton crops, to distribution channels and even the operation of trend analysis (and influencing) companies.

“Around the same time, my sister was having another child. The engineer in me realised that if I simplified the huge problem I was trying to tackle, I’d have a chance at actually making a difference to fashion consumption. That’s when I focussed on a niche user group, children, and the concept of one size fits all began to surface.”

Ryan Mario Yasin recently won the UK James Dyson Award 2017 for his invention. The 24-year-old’s ambition is to commercialise Petit Pli, and continue to focus on solving problems in the fashion industry by applying his engineering know how.

Petit Pli

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. Follow Rosa on Twitter.

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