AIR: Docu-drama examines impact and dangers of air quality

AIR is a short film which highlights the impact and dangers of the UK’s air quality in the UK.

Shot in a docu-drama style, AIR features interviews with experts on air pollution and emissions, cut with footage of Londoners travelling to work and school by various modes of transport.

The documentary, the first in a series by Lark Rise Pictures, aims to show the truth about air quality by piecing together “some information that was already out there in the media, and a bit more that’s not, and bring it together in this short creative film to interest a wider audience”.

Eleanor Church, director and founder of Lark Rise Pictures, says: “Air quality has been on our radar for a while but, the more we researched, the more we knew we needed to spread the word. It’s a story of so many facets – health, law, policy and politics, willpower, technology, corruption, invention, despair and a huge amount of hope. The thing that is maybe the most exciting is that a solution to the problem is absolutely achievable within a reasonably short space of time.”

The filmmakers felt motivated to produce the film after discovering the fact that in 2017, the UK’s air pollution limits for the whole year were exceeded in the first five days and 37 out of 43 zones in the UK have air quality levels which regularly exceed legal limits.

AIR is the result of Lark Rise Pictures collaborative work with scientists, researchers, lawyers, schools and campaigners.

The official website for AIR, Coming Up For Air, offers people solutions in order to improve air quality such as walking kids to school instead of using a car, using public transport, switching off engines when stationary in a vehicle, letting your local MP know that you care about clean air, and urging companies to find a pollution solution.

Coming Up For Air

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