The Orchard Project: Making fruit trees within easy reach of every city and town

The Orchard Project are making it possible that every home across England and Scotland is within easy-reach of a community-run orchard, with apples and pears just some of the fruit for ripe pickings.

The charity works closely with community groups in cities and towns across England and Scotland, helping them to design and create new orchards that will last for decades to come.

Through creating locally-led food systems such as urban orchards, The Orchard Project sets out to strengthen communities, improve wellbeing and build resilience.

The Orchard Project say: “We [The Orchard Project] aim to make a serious contribution to a better food system, based on people working together where they live to produce and harvest their own fruit. Orchards that are making a significant contribution to the country’s fruit provision, that are building stronger communities and that are providing cherished, nature-rich, community spaces used by a wide range of people.”

The Orchard Project also host celebration events and help the community-run orchards make the most of their bumper harvests.

In London, where The Orchard Project is based, the charity even produce their own local cider and apple juice. Local Fox Cider and London Apple Juice is made from dessert and culinary apples collected and donated from community orchards and gardens across London.

For anybody interested in creating a community-run orchard, The Orchard Project’s website is a fantastic resource for getting started. The Orchard Project has created a series of how to guides which are applicable to anyone, no matter where in the world you are based, wanting to create an orchard.

Images: © The Orchard Project

The Orchard Project

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