Tiny Healthy Homes: Off-grid living in an all-natural tiny house

Tiny Healthy Homes custom design and build tiny houses from all natural products including non-toxic, low electromagnetic frequency, repurposed and salvaged materials.

Most recently, the tiny home builds company, led by builder Ben Garratt, created an eco-friendly tiny home, with an exterior made entirely from cedar, for a family of four on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Using all natural and non-toxic materials throughout with high-end appliances and finishes, Tiny Healthy Homes designed the 30ft tiny house on wheels to include two bedrooms upstairs, with kitchen, living, bathroom and home office downstairs.

Designed as an off-grid oasis, the tiny home incorporates all of the natural wood elements of British Columbia and includes the technical aspects of a passive solar house.

Ben Garratt, founder of Tiny Healthy Homes, started renovating homes in his early 20s before setting up a general contracting business, taking on residential and large commercial contracts.

Years of building work meant Ben Garratt was exposed to toxic materials which started to affect his health and wellbeing. The builder began to shift his focus to non-toxic and natural building materials. He explains: “After years of building, my body was telling me to reduce my exposure to toxic materials. Though I still enjoyed the work, my health wasn’t great (my skin was suffering the most).

“Also, the misalignment between my values and conventional building was becoming tough to ignore. I started learning everything I could about natural building and got experience with it wherever I could. I immediately started bringing aspects of natural building and permaculture to every job.”

Tiny Healthy Homes also run workshops for people interested in tiny house builds.

Tiny Healthy Homes

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. Follow Rosa on Twitter.

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