Hornbeam Nights: Zero waste centre hosting supper clubs and herbalism workshops

The Hornbeam is an environmental zero waste community centre and cafe in east London, by day. By night, this unique space is where locals come together for Hornbeam Nights, where anything from pop up supper clubs, educational film nights, workshops on herbalism to open mic sessions may be on the roster.

The Hornbeam, which encourages locals in London’s Waltham Forest to live more sustainably, supports projects on healthy, affordable, sustainable food, waste reduction and conserving resources.

The Hornbeam say: “We’re [The Hornbeam community and cafe] is more than just a cafe, we are a space to make things happen. We bring a unique, friendly, community spirit to Baker’s Arms, E17. We encourage the sharing of skills & provide the community with environmental & social change themed classes, workshops & groups.”

The Hornbeam has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the centre and Hornbeam Nights, in order to be able to purchase new equipment to sustain people focused community events.

The Hornbeam, which launched its crowdfunding campaign through Spacehive, intend to raise £5,000 by 11 November. To support the campaign, visit the crowdfunder page here.

The Hornbeam

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief. Follow Rosa on Twitter.

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