Punk artist produces book drawing on the eight festivals of the wheel of the year

Jamie Reid is well known for his artwork, including the record sleeves for the Sex Pistols’ singles Anarchy in the UK and God Save the Queen, which came to symbolise the English punk rock scene of the late 1970s.

Now the English artist, who calls himself a Druid, is focusing on a visual representation of “the eight festivals of the Druidic calendar”.

Jamie Reid has produced a stunning book of paintings, photographs and texts that draw on the eight festivals of The Wheel of the Year. Jamie Reid’s Eight Fold Year Book includes eight stunning beautiful paintings by the Liverpool-based artist that signify each festival.

The book also includes some explanatory text from Philip Carr-Gomm, Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, as well as eight photographs taken by the artist himself on his travels around the UK.

In his introduction to Eight Fold Year Book, Jamie Reid – who has long explored themes of anarchism, dissent and spirituality throughout his career – explains that the title refers to “the division of the year into its eight essential parts, including the two solstices (the shortest and longest days of the year)” and “the two equinoxes (when the hours of day and night are equal)”.

Many of the images in the book have been selected from a series of 365 painted cards produced by Jamie Reid – one for every day of the year.

Jamie Reid’s Eight Fold Year Book, published by L-13 Press of Clerkenwell, is out now

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