Wikado Playground: Kids playground built from discarded wind turbine parts

Discarded wind turbine blades have found a second life as a futuristic-style kids playground, Wikado Playground, in the Netherlands.

The Rotterdam-based playground is a maze-like structure made from five discarded wind turbine blades that have been cut up into parts and re-painted. The recycled blades make up a slide tower, a watch tower, tunnels, bridges, ramps, and slides.

While wind power energy is gaining momentum as the energy source of choice around the world, alongside solar power, the Netherlands has long been championing wind energy from its infancy with the country’s iconic windmills.

In the Netherlands, there are plenty of spent discarded wind turbine blades and towers looking for a second life.

According to research, there will be, at current growth rates, 225,000 tonnes of rotor blade composite material produced annually worldwide.

Rotterdam-based architectural firm Superuse Studios designed the Wikado Playground to address the issue of saving out-of-service wind turbines from landfill.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea



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